eBay 36" Uni

I bought a 36"er off eBay from JCP Corporation out of Miami. The new wheel was only $279 INCLUDING shipping. What better way to learn if I really would like a big wheel than starting out with a good deal?

It arrives. I assemble it. I take it to my back yard to try it out. I step down on the right crank to mount the new toy and… Wait… The crank moved without the wheel moving. Did that really happen?

I try it again. Yep.

I sit down, put the wheel in my lap, and torque the cranks with my arms. Yes, the wheel can move separately from the cranks. This is a problem.

I call JCP. They are very kind, very apologetic. We agree that I’ll try to fix it here first.

I TIG weld the flange to the axle. It holds. All is good.

Until…the left crank won’t stay tight. I travel everywhere with a socket wrench. I finally try LocTite and J. B. Weld. This holds for only 2 weeks. Aargh!

I call JCP. They agree to ship another wheel. I’ll return the old one in the shipping box. They will pay for shipping.

The new wheel arrives. I’m excited. I assemble it, step on the crank, and…

You guessed it - the crank moves a bit before the wheel.

  1. Has anybody else had this problem with the Chinese 36" unis? If so, what?

  2. I’m thinking of getting help from a bike store. Any thoughts?

  3. I’ve considered getting a new hub, 100 mm bearing-to-bearing, 66 mm flange-to-flange, 36 hole. Any thoughts on replacing the hub?

I want to point out that the company has been VERY nice, very accommodating and very apologetic. They seem to be very sincere folks. It is just too bad that I have gotten two defective units.

I’d rather be riding than repairing.

Any ideas?

Jeff in AZ