EB BC plates

Anyone got a pair of EB plates they want to sell me?

haha what the heck. why do you not simply make them yourself. you are evan byrne are you not.

I am. But you see the past Evan Byrne was less lazy than the current.

Disregard, someone gave me a Bedford Bc with Pro plates.

everything BC

I just watched an awesome video of Evan Byrne and another dude BC wheeling around an indoor skatepark.

This got me thinking–are the EB footplates named after Evan Byrne?

OH, and Evan, when and for who/what did you make that quote, “The reason I love to BC so much is this…”

There are quite a few BC enthusiasts out here. Who all are they?
Let’s see…add your name if you consider that person (or yourself) an avid BC Wheelist:

Evan Byrne
Isaac Steiner
Jeff Groves?
Joey Neigh (I’m a BC nut)
Any others???

Bored at work…surfin’ the forums! :o

I forgot to add Spencer Hochberg and Shaun Johanneson!

That video isn’t Evan, its Bryan Stevens.

Here’s Spencer and Evan’s last BC video: http://unicycle.tv/video/179-SE_video

Tennis nets are evil.

Um Bryan Stevens is really the only name I think of when I think BC… Besides Jeff Groves… havnt heard of what he is up to these day, tho.

Bryan Stevens is by far the best BC rider I have seen.

Who is Bobousses friend?

Thanks…I’ll be on the lookout for his videos! :slight_smile:

I don’t consider myself a pro, but I do consider myself a BC enthusiast.