Eat or Bonk… Again

Amazing isn’t it, that you can repeat the same mistake so many times in one life. Skip breakfast, have a coffee or two, skip lunch. Hey here’s a great idea, let’s go for a long XC ride in the afternoon. Take water, nothing else. Clever…. NOT :o


I could hardly get by with skipping breakfast…

I’d never heard of the term before used in that manner :slight_smile: I have had that feeling however, which is usually accompanied by muscle cramp… not good.

btw… love your blog, enjoy reading it :smiley:

Thanks Johnny!

Yeah not a fun feeling to bonk on the trail, I seem to forget that too quickly. The main thing I look forward to in the morning is a good home made coffee. Once that’s kinda done I just get on with work. If a chance comes up to squeeze in a ride I just got for it.

Much better when a big ride is planned ahead, I definitely feast up beforehand and feel much better for it during the ride too.

Most of my rides during the week are straight after work so no worries with having enough glycogen. It’s only my early morning weekend rides where I usually don’t eat anything before heading out on a ride. I can’t eat and then go exercise… makes me feel like hurling :frowning:

Over here in the UK, according to the cheaper newspapers, “bonk” means to have brief and vigorous sexual intercourse. You may now see your thread title in a different light.:smiley:

(Cyclists also use “bonk” (verb or noun) or “knock” (noun) in the way that you meant it.)

I did a ride today after a heavy day’s dancing and drinking yesterday, a night’s camping, and an early start. I clean forgot about breakfast or lunch, and just threw some fruit and some biscuits down my throat before setting off. Two hours into a tough ride, I suddenly found myself UPDing over discarded driunking straws and Rizla papers every 10 yards.:frowning:

I crammed some more biscuits down me, took a long drink of water, and I was then just about able to choose the “interesting route” back to the car.:slight_smile:

So … that is what happens after a long MUni on a hard trail and riding out I am non-focused and falling off over every wee knob and pebble. Always mean to stop and suck down some Goo or an energy bar … I do when backpacking … but often just do not want to stop on MUni. In the future (tomorrow) that will change.
Good topic!
Shug of the Simper

My metabolism burns too fast for me to go without breakfast. Kinda sucks… I wouldnt even be able to get started without something.

I wish I had that problem. I have to watch it and make sure I get plenty of exercise or I’ll be a blimp. Unicycling burns way more calories than bicycling. Of course that is because I spend much more time on the uni than I ever did on the bike:D.