Easyglider to ride BC's long distances?

So I saw this new invention here. It is used to pull any free wheeled toys, like rollarblades, skateboards, etc. so I was thinking how bout a BC?! Wonder how hard it would be to get good enough where you could just take a cruise around town on one? Further more you could take it offroading on some cross country muni trails! What do you guys think?

interesting. Would it then be considered a bicycle or a unicycle with auxiliary power? I mean unicyclists will look at as a unicycle but what would the non unicyclist see it as?

A unibike? :slight_smile:

there you go!!

If you could find a way to weld on plates you could try it

The idea would be to get on your bc then have this thing out infront of you to pull you along.

Weres the fun in that? I was hopping for early stages of a motorised momo-wheel device.

Well… going up hills without having to worry about getting enough speed first :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh great, another one of these “innovative, compact urban transport inventions that speed up the short commute” which are basically solving a ‘problem’ which has been solved for years by walking and biking, except in a way that makes it involve no effort. D’you not have bikes or ability to walk in the US?


Well they do have/make some nice looking harley davidsons. :smiley:

What are bikes? Or this thing you call walking?

Wait, you guys walk places over there? How quaint.

Obviously, the number of steps you have to take between home and destination is inversely proportional to your social status.