Easy flatland tricks

Hello, I am starting with flatland/freestyle. The tricks that I can do are: 90º and 180º unispin, 180, wheel walk, crank idle, one foot idle, leg wrap, foot plant, rev.

I would like especially to start with rolls, but I find very difficult the back roll and rolling wrap. What you recomend? And which are easier, the rolling wrap or back roll?

Thanks a lot!!

Backroll is easier than rolling wrap I’d say. Both will take a lot of practice though. Crank idle, push mush, varials and maybe something old school like seatdrops are something you might want to try next.

It’s always hard giving people tips without seeing them try, so videos will be helpful if you need help on a specific trick. Of you are on Facebook, the group “urban unicycle chat” will likely be a better place to get tips, most of us riders in the “urban” disciplines moved there.

Yeah, I guess this forum is mostly for people who are too old and/or too frightened of the government to be on Facebook, but regardless, I do live in a city right now, and am always happy to see discussions of urban unicycling, especially since I’m reaching a bit of a plateau in terms of skills. The days when I return from a ride with some stunning (for me) new achievement or skill are way less common than when I was a beginner, so it’s time to consciously pick out some new stuff and work on it. Even just getting names of skills to search for on You Tube is helpful. Seeing crank idling thrown in with a thousand other skills in a sponsored death metal video of unicycles that destroyed the world is not nearly as helpful as reading about crank idling on this forum and then finding a tutorial about it.

Ok! I would practise push mush and back roll, if I have any problem I will post it in facebook, thanks :slight_smile:

Today was a fantastic day, I landed the backroll for first time, but I didnt film it, tomorrow I will try to film and I will post it in facebook.

Saw your new Facebook video, José. Nice job on the back roll!

I gotta get some better shin guards if I want to continue learning, and I’m gonna have to surrender to Facebook too, as there’s some really awesome shit on there, at least for urban unicycling. No wonder this forum is getting so sparsely populated!

It’s happening everywhere, apparently. I just looked at Monocycle.info, and on almost all threads, the most recent post was from 2013 or so. Oh well, I don’t mean to knock this forum, as I’ve learned a hell of a lot here, but clearly it is starting to become somewhat of a historical archive.