EAStreet video

EAStreet video

Enjoy my first video. -phth

OMG that was awesome!!!

I wish I could get away with stuff like that. =p

hahaha funny movie!
you are the owner of the office right?
because … i dont know a boss wo let people unicycle on the office! hahah

hey! contract me! i would love to work on your office!

that is in my top 4 best ever seen uni videos of all time ever.

the is an awesome video for a reason!

riding in the office must be so so fun!:smiley:

yeah!!! very good one it’s funny original… :slight_smile:

Does Martin Eskes happen to be your boss?


you definitly made my day! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



That was wicked…I Loved it.

Cool video!

nice vid :wink:

haha, that was great!! liked the music, too.

Awesome video!

that was crazy!! :astonished:

What do you do for a living, you unicycle in your office and
You Have a PS3 IN your Office!!! :astonished: :astonished: Dont break it!!!
Awesome vid!!!

I think he works at EA according to the title…


Ohh!!! thats logical
I Want his job :frowning:

Me to, but only if I got to test the XBOX 360 games, I hate PlayStation.


According to Phthoruth, of the 3 new consoles the PS3 is the hardest to hop over. :smiley:

That is becuse of the PRICE
WOW that is bordom :smiley: