E.U.C. Summer in Hungary


Who is goes?

i am for sure!

ME! :smiley: I think it’s going to be awesome!

I’d love to attend just to see you experts in person.

I hope to find some summer time to get there and see it live.

I go for sure!!! =D it will be sick!
unicycling, beer and fun =D

Damn, i wanna go there, but my parents probably won’t let me… I will have to spend a lot of effort to convince them to let me. :angry:

Yes! I can go! I can’t wait!:):slight_smile:

So f*cking badly wonna join you guys but I don’t think it will be possible for me to go there :frowning:

We’re getting close…
do any of you have any tricks how to get to Miskolc in a nice way?
I’ve seen lots of trains and some busses from Budapest, but my connection to Budapest is not fitting my plans well, so I’m trying to find some other way. Do any of you know if it is easy to get from Kosice to Miskolc?

We take the plane in to Budapest, then take a car and ride to Miskolc.:slight_smile:

I went yesterday evening back from E.U.C., It was a great time!
I went 4th in junior flatland.:slight_smile:
And I have the 3rd place in Senior Street, because I was the only junior who was competing in street, I went in senior.
And there I was qualificated as 5th!:slight_smile:

1st: Krisztián Kovács - Hungary
2nd: Claidon (don’t know his last name and if I wreed whis name good) - France
3rd: Casper van Tielraden - Holland

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Its cleden Guichard ^^

a really nice guy with an awesome style!! his flips are super clean and he can flip everything :wink: I did some filming together with him for bobouse his DVD :slight_smile: