Dyno Fireball on Ebay

There were two Fireballs on ebay. I say were because I just bought them. Stumbled onto one auction with minutes to spare and got it for $40. Bought the other as a buy it now for $45 from the same guy. If shipped together, it should save the extra 5 bucks I spent. There was 4 days left on the buy it now purchase, but I decided to just go for it. WOW! I hope these are as sweet for trials as I hear, since I do all my trials on a 24 incher.

Going to get my Profile hubset ordered this week too. Yee Haa!!




If your not looking to keep both of them, I think Dylan is verry interseted in getting a fireball tire for trials too. Great deal on thoes tires! Gongrats.


After you get those things mounted, and you profile setup, get the heck up here while there’s still no snow!!

You’re gonna LOVE it! I had the ride of my life yesterday: just me, my Profile/Wilder, Overton Park in Memphis and that amazing Fireball! I especially love those little “cherps” on the white marble when landing on the Fireball. I also have a 26" Fireball, which is a totally different tire but equally amazing.

As I understand it, Schwinn still owns the molds for these but won’t go into production because of the lack of demand in the numbers that they need to make it worth their investment of firing-up the mold. Who cares about the groozy flame design? I love the soft compound and the flexible sidewalls. Somebody can recreate this tire, make one run of 10,000, create some novelity bike and use 6,000 and then we unicyclist can play to our heart’s content with the 4,000 left over - for years.

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If you are looking to sell one, like Checkernuts said, I’d be extremely
interested. Thanks,


Dylan, I’ll wait and see how much I like them, then I’ll let ya know. I just got off the phone with the seller and I forgot to ask him if he had any more.


I was just looking on ebay last week for a fireball and I didn’t see anything. Either I screwed up a simple ebay search, or these things came and went quick.

The same seller must have had over a dozen of them, all listed at an opening bid of $40 with a buy-it-now of $45. I already have one but I had to buy another at that price.
Just last month they were going for $80 +.

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Joe, thanx man. Once again thanks for the stickers too eh? They are rad. If you
find out if the seller has any more, and you gave me a shout, that would be


There’s two more on ebay right now. $ 45.00 Buy-it-Now.

Damn- one sucked $45 out of my wallet; by the time I got on the horn with Lewis, the other was gone.

Now I’ll have two in my closet. :slight_smile:


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Argh, If I had an ebay account and if my power didn’t go out, I would have so
gotten one… argh, argh, argh.


7:31 p.m. EST. There’s still one there.

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This is the only one I can find… not a fireball…



The “Thick Brick” appears to have the same wall height and ridge along the tread edge that the Fireball does -I’d jump all over that like a two bit… uh… like a deal, ya.

(trying not to by more tyres)

can someone with a Fireball suck it up and buy one of those new Hookwerm 2.5’s so we know how fat the werm is compared to the fireball.

Oh… ya… the Hookworm… uh… how do I justify that now? I suppose I could use a 24" freestyle cycle, too… humm- ya, that would be the bomb-digity! Gives me a reason not to ride a 20.



I just got one on ebay 24" for 50 us .


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damn I wish I had a credit card…
good swipe…



Dylan,call 1-877-7312453.

Mike has 18 fireballs left ,you might still be able to score one.

Tim:) :slight_smile: