DX Problems, Crank or Pedal?

Ok, the problem started a few days ago. I was dropping off the seat of a bench (2~ feet) and the left pedal came out of the crank arm. I walked it home, screwed it back in and then it was all good… or so i thought, i was outside today trying to jump up onto some bricks (my hopping sucks, but more on that later) and my pedal came off again. I would like to know, is it my pedal or my crank that is messed up.


here are some pictures of it, and i realize that the pics suck, i was trying to get the threads on the crank, and it wasnt working too well

thanks for your help

without even looking at the pictures i know that you have no problem w/ anything except assembly.
your wheelset or seat is on backwards.

EDIT:you have an 05 DX!!! thats awesome, you have the “same uni” as me… sort of

the way the pedals turn has a lot to do with it, and thats why your wheelset can be on backwards. if it backwards, the pedal is constantly trying to unscrew, while if it is forwards it is constantly tightening.

Have you taken the wheel off the frame recently? Because you might’ve put it on backwards (yes, there’s a front and a back). Check to see that the left crank is really on the left side, and vice versa. If you have them reversed, when you pedal you can loosen your pedals and they can fall off, even if there’s nothing wrong with the threads. From your pics, it looked like the pedal threads were all right, but I couldn’t tell with the crank threads.

[Edit] Skrobo, you beat me to it!

yeah, you guys are right, the seat is on backwards, so i am unscrewing them as i pedal. Thanks for all your help, i’ll go fix it right now

ok, yeah that was def the problem

thanks for your help

You have to be careful with stuff like that.

You can strip the thread by putting a lot of lateral force on them when they’re loose.

EDIT: You need to turn macro on when you take close up pictures.