DX Frame Replacement

So I’ve been riding my 20 inch Torker DX for a while now and I’ve upgraded both the seat and the pedals. Now I’ve noticed that the neck of my frame is bent, and it’s gotten pretty uncomfortable to ride.

I’ve sifted through the search results on this, but haven’t found a thing. Can someone recommend a frame that will fit my DX wheelset and seatpost?

I’m mostly a street rider, but I would like the flat crown so that I can do a little flatland.

Can anyone recommend a frame(and possibly link to it?)

You have done no searching.

These threads were among tens of other having to do with the same problem, and eventually most of them pointed the rider in the direction of getting a nimbus II or yuni frame.

Why would I lie about something like that? I hate repeat threads as much as the next guy.

I searched “DX Frame Upgrade.”

The threads seemed very few, but after going through a couple more pages, I did notice a trend in getting the nimbus II frame.

Will this satisfy my needs? I’ve never ridding a flat-crowned unicycle with the crown bent in(thats the best way I can think of to describe it).

Sorry, that came off a bit meaner than I wanted. But seriously, if you found other threads about the same topic, why not just post your question in them?

The Nimbus will do fine. It’s what I and countless other people have replaced their DX frames with.

Actually, the new Nimbus II frames won’t work without shims, they have bearing holders machined for 42mm. The bearings on the DX hub are 40mm. You are best off calling UDC and asking what they have in stock which would fit a trials wheel with 40mm bearings.

Thats right, ISIS hubs have 42mm bearings and since they are migrating all their unis to ISIS it would only make sense for them to make frames which fit properly.

yeah, very helpful guys, that frame has a lifetime warranty, you can break it(don’t do it too stupidly) and take it to the place you bought it from. if that isn’t an option, a lbs should be able to help you if they aren’t jerks like my local lbs ppl are… totally geared toward road cycling and look down upon everything else.

He said he wanted a flat frame so he could do flatland…which would leave the DX frame in the running if he could get it replaced for free. Also, you should work on being a bit more tactful when you think that your opinion should matter more than anyone elses. I’ve seen you cut on at least three people (that usually are helpful and provide decent advice) in the past 24 hours for no real reason.

Anyway, back on topic. I think the DX frame or the nimbus frame will be the best ways to go. Nimbus frames are cheap and pretty strong and a torker DX frame should be free with proof of purchase :slight_smile:


Would that work? It says 40mm, so it should fit.

But is it really worth it to get that, I figure since I dont have any proof of purchase(UDC, threw away the reciept :P) I might as well UPGRADE the frame.

But is this a strong frame? And since its longneck, will it weigh just as much?

That frame doesn’t fit a trials wheelset.

I free tricks does and you can get those from renegadejuggling. Those also take a better size of post.

How do I order just the freetricks frame? How much does it cost?

Call up www.renegadejuggling.com and order it by phone, it should be around 70$ not with shipping.

It says it is a freestyle frame though, I was looking for something that was mostly for street but with a flat crown.

You think this is strong enough for street riding?

Yes people ride trials on it and there is one french rider that comes to mind that used it for street. I am getting myself one for my street unicycling and that crown should be better than that of the dx frame for everything.

Which length frame should I order? I’m tall enough to fit on the tallest one, but I feel the weight of the longneck and the fact that I ride with the saddle a little low makes me think I should order the middle(or shortest) one…

That is all preference. What I did was get the tallest so I can cut the frame down to any size I want. If you would be able to do that and have access to the tools I say go for the middle one. Oh, when you give them a call ask how high it is from the crown up so you can get a rough idea of the minimum height you would have for your seat.