Dx capabilities

Hey i have a DX if everyone doesnt already kno. I cannot do a crankflip on it, it is sooo heavy, i was wondering wht are the heavy parts of the Dx, tht i could replace to make it a lot lighter in a reasonable price.

Right now i learn and pretty much converted back to doing everything on my super light crome unicycle.

the cranks and hub are the heavy parts. The frame is kindof heavy as well.

I’ve taken off the cranks and they weren’t really that heavy. The hub has to be a tank considering how big it is. But mainly the frame. get a kh or something.
also instead of going back to your chrome uni, build up some muscle and learn to use a proper street/trials unicycle.

It’s probably not the weight thats not allowing you to do crankflips. Just practice, you’ll get it. My friend has a DX and does crankflips no problem.

i find it about 20 times EASIER to make the wheel flip on my DX. Other than that, go do a 10 foot drop just to break it in… lol

Trust me, its not the weight thats keeping you from landing them, keep practicing. Relative to other unis it might be a bit heavier but in the big picture its only by a pound or two and that really isn’t much weight.

I have done crankflips on a dx, I didn’t notice much difference. I doubt the dx will hold you back from doing anything because of its weight (other than really fast tricks), it just might require more effort than on a light uni.

k, then it could be the height or something, because i cant get it to flip at all it comes out way in front.