Dutch Swears

As you can see, Tobbogonist and I are learning Dutch. In other news, I just got permabanned on physics-forums.com. I’m not certain whether I should advertises this, but oh well…

Anyway, the reason I got permabanned is that I was swearing. Stupid and childish, I know, but sometimes you just have to. I’m intending to register again, but from now on if I ever feel the urge to swear(and with their moderation policies I probably will before too soon), I’m gonna swear in Dutch.

So, can you help me out? Please post Dutch swears, translation in English and pronunciation if possible. Thanks a lot, Holland is the hottest!

I think that…nuek=fuck…maybe


Ask Dustin.

He likes to teach people on the subject.

Haha, you were there too? :roll_eyes:

Zakkenwasser - Testicle washer
Stoep hoer - Sidewalk prostitute
Dus tin - Very sexy guy
Neuken - To make love
Neuken in de keuken - To make love in the kitchen
Neuken in de douche - To make love in the shower (the english people loved the variations :roll_eyes: )

What else do you want to know?


I typed out a list, but then thought whether it was appropriate to post it on a public forum…

Everything! - Alles!


That’s German. Ooh, and how do you pronounce them?

Is neuken = noi ken? and douche = doo sh eh?

It’s Dutch and for that I will now no longer talk to you. :smiley:

Thank God. Just tell me how to pronounce the words. Please! Now!!!

wow i posted penis here. i dont ever remmember doing that.

I learnt some German…


all i can remmember :slight_smile:

after a few to many porstes my memory goes a little fuzzy.

he wasn’t joking by the looks of it

dutch sounds as german because of the many false friends…all in all you could tell it a german dialect which is difficult for germans to understand :roll_eyes:

everything means alles in german, too…

i only know:
goede nacht - good night :smiley:

kut = vagina (but is used as fuck/shit/damn in english)
(god)verdomme = (god) damn (it)
klootzak = asshole (actually translates to scrotum)
eikel = asshole (direct translation = acorn, nipple I think)
mierenneuker = antfucker meaning somebody who considers small details important (not really a swearword)

These should get you started swearing in dutch!

That’s real Dutch - http://mv.lycaeum.org/anagrams/PARALINGUA.cgi?article=Kexesyhano

You don’t know what Dutch is.

why thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

hat’s German. Ooh, and how do you pronounce them?

Is neuken = noi ken? and douche = doo sh eh?