Dutch bike question

I just saw this forum, and thought maybe some of you could answer a question on a Dutch bike.

See photo here:

Between the kid’s seat and the main seat is a silver-colored cylinder. What is the purpose of that cylinder?

Guesses have been to hold umbrellas or locks, etc., but no one seems to know for sure.

I believe that’s a champagne cooler.

I am Dutch so maybe I should know, but I have no idea. Can’t see it very well either. Is it a cylinder in the first place? Regardless, this is not your average Dutch bike.

I note that the two kid’s seats are on two rails. Both rails kind of emanate from the seat tube and then extend backwards. Maybe the silver thing is some kind of reinforcement structure between those two rails?

Mystery solved.

A website for the manufacturer of this bike:

On the listing for that bicycle, they show one of the options as “chromen slotbeker”, which seems to be a lock holder for chain locks.

One of the guys on the bike forum furnished the website, and said this manufacturer now had a distributor in Chicago.

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