dusseldorf marathon video

here is my video of the dusseldorf marathon. it was just great being part of the race. my oficial time was 02:36:37! quite good since it was my first marathon.

last week I ran the São Paulo marathon in 03:00:18. There are 4 tunnels along the course, and that means long uphills and downhills!!! a great race, with only two unicycles and around 20,000 people!!! I’ll post a video soon!


Ah, I wondered already several times what happened to you. Was great to meet such a “crazy guy” coming all way over from Brazil just to participate in the marathon. Thanks for publishing your video. It is obvious how much you enjoyed it.

I also put a link to the video in the German forum, since some of the participants may not check out the international one.

Hope you got a few more frequent flyer miles so that we will meet again next April!

thanks a lot Cyc! I still don’t know what made me cross an ocean just to participate on that marathon… I can only tell you it was a great life time experience!!

my next marathon will probably be the Foz do Iguaçu Marathon. The starting point is in Brasil, then you go to Paraguai and it ends in Argentina! with a great view of one of world’s wonders, the Iguaçu Falls!!! and I’m now talking to the organization of the sao paulo marathon to create a unicycle category next year! who knows some crazy guys around the world would come…

and I’m really trying to get some award miles to go to dusseldorf next year.


São Paulo marathon … Foz do Iguaçu Marathon …

A colleague of mine is actually from Sao Paolo. When he lived over there they used to meet early sunday mornings to cycle (by bicycle) on the highway! :astonished: I told him that this might not exactly be a good idea over here in Europe. :stuck_out_tongue: However being so relaxed about letting unicyclists participate in running marathons is a great thing.



Wow you came a all that way for the marathon :slight_smile: … My girlfriend came over from New York to support me and the other riders from the UK :slight_smile:

Hope you make it back next year :slight_smile:

Is there a unicycle category in Foz do Iguçu Marathon? When is the Foz do Iguaçu Marathon?

One more question: What the rim size that did you use in Marathon?

Congratulations on the Düsseldorf Marathon

Oi breno. Posso responder em português, certo!?

Uso um mono aro 29", mas o sonho é um 36". A maratona de foz é dia 30 de setembro, mas nao tem uma categoria só de monos. Estou tentando autorização da organização pra correr de mono, mas ta meio difícil… Vamos???

Forte abraço!

Hi Allan!!! I’ve done that madness!!! I also hope meeting everybody again next year! Let’s see what happens!

I’ll update all the info on those other races I’m planning to run

Oi Cafi,

Gostaria muito de participar da Maratona em Foz do Iguaçu, mas eu ainda sou iniciante, tenho que treinar muito. Quem sabe no próximo ano! :slight_smile:

Estou aprendendo a andar em um monociclo Sun Flat 20" (http://www.renegadejuggling.com/c272/Sun-Unicycle-20-and-24-p218.html). Estou gostando tanto de andar de monociclo que pretendo em breve comprar um monociclo 26" ou 29" para andar maiores distâncias. Onde você costuma comprar seus monociclos?

Grande abraço!

I respect people with intention… so absolutely I respect you and respect your goal…

I hope the the best for you…

Nice video…