Düsseldorf marathon race, 2 May 2010

As featured in the latest Unicycle Magazine, the Düsseldorf marathon in Germany is open for registration for next year. Prices are cheapest until 31 Oct 09.

It is a major city marathon, so is well organised and marshalled. It is also a fast, flat course - last year Jan Logemann won with 1:27:09 - only a second off the world unicycle marathon record.

Marathon 2. Mai 2010 in Düsseldorf (in German)
Official site (English): http://www.metrogroup-marathon.de/313.0.html

Anyone else tempted by an international marathon race?


Im in :wink: Already registered for the standard-race (28x1.75 tires and 114mm cranks)

I have registered. :slight_smile:

How do you set your registration to be unlimited or standard-race? I just registered as unicycle.

You have to register here http://www.rmsv-duesseldorf.de/einrad/anmeldung_marathon.html too

With your complete details again and the number you got from the metrogroup.

Thanks Marco - I’m registered in both places (unlimited: I’ll be on Schlumpf 36"). #2791 for me.

I’m looking forward to it. Woop.


Thanks Marco - I am also sorted now. My number is #2761

I should also be on a 36" Schlumpf. It should be fun.


If you’re dyslexic then we have the same number. :slight_smile:


Will be a lot of fun! Gonna be an even bigger event than last year.