Duro Razorback 24x3" tire and Nimbus Muni?

1st, I need to know, will a 24"x3.00" tire fit a 24" nimbus muni frame?

2nd, what do you think of this tire for all purpose Muni?



  1. Yes

  2. Good, looks similar to the leopard (in fact i think it is the same tyre just re-branded)


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If you want a good super reactive tire and a fast roller, go with the Maxxis High Roller 2.7. I run this on my 26" Nimbus and will never look back.

I would recommend the 24x3 intense! Jamey (from uniproshop) still has some left and they are waaaay better than the duro, and 1/2 pound lighter! They also wear much longer. I think he has them for only $39. I also had an orange nimbus MUni frame, and there was even more tire clearance for a 24x3 (it seemed) than my kh!


Maybe the better question is whether a 24x3 tire is the best choice for muni?

I’ve got a Duro 24x2.75 on right now. My main complaint with it is that its wearing too fast. I don’t get to ride just single track often enough and have to do much of my riding on asphalt. There’s obviously a weight trade off getting the 24x3. What’s the gain? Really, what’s the best all purpose muni tire?

I’m sure that tire is the same as the Duro Wildlife Leopard, which is what ships standard on the Nimbus 24 or 26 MUni as well as on the K1 White Russian (just bought one for my nephew on the Meijer.com sale - which just ended btw). This tire is pretty heavy on my N26, but I wonder if it isn’t a lot to do with the beefy tube. It seems much lighter on the White Russian - moreso than I would expect given the 2" smaller diameter. Then again the K1 rim has holes drilled in it so part of it must be that the rim is lighter than the Nimbus.

The width and stability of the 3" tire is nice. I have ridden it in snow and ice and it had excellent traction. I have also ridden it in mud and was impressed with the stability and dig-ability. It also shed the mud pretty quickly.

Being a new rider, I have not yet tried a narrower nobby tire. Once the weather warms up I may try out a regular (26 X 1.75) MTB tire from my son’s bike. For now I don’t really mind the weight of this tire though, and really like the grip-tion and the stability of so much width.

If you ride a mix of pavement and trails the Felt Berm Master 24x3 would be a good fit. It’s a bit lighter than the Duro 24x3, has good sidewalls and bounce, rides and turns smoothly on pavement and doesn’t give up too much on the trail.

You’re welcome to head us this way for a ride with us to try things out for sure as we have several Duro 24x3 unis with the crew. I also have the Intense on the Large Marge. As far as it goes, both are great tires.

What I personally found is that the rim width vs. tire size is an important thing to consider. One of my least favorite combos was the Duro on an Alex DX 32. It was a bit squirrelly. Wider rims have been a much better match for MY riding style.

I liked the look of the Berm Master, but finding one locally didn’t work for me. As an alternative, I saw a 2.4 Maxxis Holy Roller (I think that was the model) on a KH 24 at ProBikes in Monroeville. It looked nice and big and looked like it work well for multiuse.

All this being said, my 24 is for the woods. If I’m looking to cover ground I grab a bigger wheel as the 24 w/ 150s doesn’t do it for me on less techie stuff.

Hey Unigoat! I’ve gotten a muni rim since we last rode, so I’ve got the width to accomodate a 3" tire. I’ll probably ride the duro that I have on it into the ground, as it was a pain to put on and I’m not looking forward to swapping tires. I’d definitely like to come ride with you guys again. I’ve got 150’s on a kh hub with a muni rim, and I’m adding a kh t-bar that I’ll probably shorten up a good bit. I’ve not been able to ride much this winter, so the climbs will probably still kick my butt. I’m itching for warmer weather, though.

I ride a Felt on my Nimbus 24" Muni and I have absolutely no complaints. So far, it has lasted over 6 months of hard riding, with very little, if any, wear, over half of which was on pavement. It also has a reasonable price of only about $30.