Duro Leopard 26 X 3.0 tire

UDC had them in stock when I went and studded my current tire, I figured I’d order one this week for a summer (non-studded) MUni-Tire.

They are now out of stock.

Anyone know where to get one??

I’d sure like it in time for Moab…


Found one here:

Not Duro but the tread seems exactly the same!
Arrow Racing Savage DH Tire 26"X3.0


Yeah, I bought this tire last year. The “Arrow Savage” is actually just a re-branded Duro as you can still make out the “Duro Leopard” logo.

These guys were nice and quick with my order and even gave me a tracking number, however, when my tire arrived it was somewhat misshapen. It must have just been a lack of care during packaging, but it was noticeably out of shape. It has taken several hours of riding to get it back to a regular tire shape.

I would still reccomend buying from these guys, maybe just mention that you heard this has happened and would like them to make sure it is shipped with care.

PS. Right on, 26’ Muni!

Hey Scott, I’m riding an Intense 24 x 3" which I much prefer to the Duro. I find the Duro to be on the soft side, not enough sidewall stiffness to run super low pressures. Maybe the Intense is made in a 26"? Also consider a Nokian Gazzolodi, it has a nice profile, stiff sidewals so it can be run at lower pressures. I had a Gazz on my 26" and it was a really nice tire.

So how it going out in CO? I was just out there last week on a trip to Margys with Danno and company. We’re having a good winter out here, some cold days and rain, but nice windows of opportunity for riding. Rode today and had a blast on some sweet wooded single track. Taking Matty with me tomorrow to our local MTB training grounds, he runs and swims while I flail about and totally exhaust myself :wink:

I have ridden the Duro and Gazz in 26x3 and the Intense in 24X3

I disagree about the Gazz having stiff sidewalls but it does have huge volume. Out of the three I mentioned it had the highest but flimsiest sidewalls. It folded too much for me on a 32mm rim but it is great on a 47mm wide rim.

Both the Gazz and the Intense had really square profiles and the Duro has a really round profile. The intense had the stiffest but shortest sidewall of the three.

As far as I know there are no more 3" Gazzaloddis being made. I bought the very last 26" one municycle.com had on stock. Lucky me. They do make 2,6" ones, maybe they’d be worth a try… But if you want a 26x3 I guess it’s either Duro or Intense.

Darren Bedford Has 3.0 Gazzas, But the 24" Version. ( 100$) Check them out,