Dumb beginner question

I know this probably is a dumb question, but how do you get yourself to keep peddling? I’m using a tennis court fence. I get going with minor bracing on the fence, but when I start to lose balance, I tend to stop peddling and then of course I’m done. Anyone have a trick that worked for them?

This behavior is probably learned from bicycling. Unless you ride a fixed gear bicycle often, it is nothing unusual. A method I used a few months ago, was to count the pedals strokes.

I try not to stay on top of the unicycle, but keep the unicycle under me. Once i got that train of thought down, i was able to keep peddling.


Bum On Seat!
Let the seat take the weight of your bum, not your legs.
Hope this helps. Good luck,

Like Alucard said the golden rule of learning to unicycle is weight on the seat.

The way I try to teach people to ride is to get on the unicycle and get the cranks horizontal. Once you feel somewhat stable there lean forward and pedal the wheel a half revolution so that the cranks are once again horizontal(in the opposite orientation though). Leaning forward is key since if you just pedal your upper body will stay in the same spot and your unicycle will try to run away from you. Think of when you walk, when you go to take a step your center of gravity comes forward and then you transfer your weight on to the other foot. Try to get used to these half revolution “steps” and once you can start stringing them together you’re pretty much riding.

You probably have noticed that when the cranks are stopped in a vertical position you can pedal as hard as you want and pretty much nothing happens. Taking steps avoids this. As an aside, when you get comfortable riding and start riding steep hills you’ll need to use this technique again.

It’s easier to explain when you can demonstrate in person but I hope I made enough sense that you can get the idea.

It was kind of a mind over matter thing for me at least, every time I would think about it, I’d quit peddling, or just be ready to bail which would screw me up. Once I didn’t really think about it I had no problem peddling. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Weight on seat: +1X10^9 :roll_eyes:

I think a tennis court net would be way too flimsy. I recoment a railing. I learned on a 90 ft long rail at a parkinglot in an elementary school a couple blocks from my house.


My greatest breakthrough was, when I felt I was falling forward, and the instinct was to stop pedalling and to leap off or bail out, I pedalled FASTER to bring the unicycle under me. Counter intuitive, but it worked! It reminded me of my skiing instructor, years ago, who said, “Throw yourself down the mountain!” meaning to really lean forward to put weight on the fronts of the skis, giving you the control. Counter intuitive, but it worked!

Mind over matter.


Have someone walk along side you when you ride and when you feel like you need to, use their shoulder to keep your balance.