duct tape seat cover

I have a coker that came with a Miyata style saddle. I didn’t like the padding, so I did the airseat conversion, which worked well for a while before the seat popped somehow. so I took the tube out, and I had some seat foam from a spare KH saddle that I had broken. I felt like using it, but of course the miyata seat cover isn’t big enough to go over the KH seat foam.
Like I always say, duct tape can fix anything!!

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totally McGyver style…

keep on with a good work…

Good luck but don’t think it’s gonna work out too well. As soon as the tape starts to give/wear your a$$ is going to be very sticky and will attract unwanted things in which it’ll make you look like you’ve pooped your pants…have fun!

I duct taped an old schwinn saddle that was falling apart (my first unicycle) and in the heat the stickyness was really bad.

Good luck.

heh, yeah, thats sort of what I figured…but I’m not completely stupid, don’t you worry.
first of all, its getting t’wards wintertime, so I won’t worry about it melting and sticking to me. second of all, for christmas I’m hoping to get a KH Gel saddle, so this duct tape one will only need to last me from now till christmas, hopefully. if I don’t get it for christmas, I’ll just use christmas money to buy it myself…

just lay electrical tape over the duct tape…electrical tape doesnt stick …i used it on my seat…its goin on 2 months now with no stickys

…and you’re not the 1st who got the idea about using duct tape as bumper (or seat cover): I found that it even on their website.

i ducted taped my seat last summer when i learned to ride and i never had any bad stickyness or anything… i think it will work


It will work for awhile but if it gets hot out or you ride it too much, it will be a sticky mess. I had my 6 footer seat taped with electrical tape and after a few parades, it was nothing but stickyness and I wore white shorts so it looked like a big black stain square on my butt. Not cool.


To alleviate the sticky surface problem on a saddle covered with duct tape, first cover the duct tape with Saran Wrap. Then, put a nylon stocking over the Saran Wrap. Saran Wrap is cheap. Your sister, girlfriend, or mom can probably give you an old pair of panty hose in some color you like.

To make my Sem giraffe seat easier to freemount I wanted a slippery surface instead of the rubber Sem/Schwinn seatcover. I put the toe end of one leg of one of my daughter’s panty hose over the rubber seat. The panty hose were black and you couldn’t even tell it was there.

Edit: I wonder if Miss Ayerley will jump on me about the mixed singulars and plurals in this post. If so I’ll have to give her rep points in a big way.

Your offer is very kind, Harper dear, but in truth you haven’t given me much to work with. It was a challenging concept to get across, and you made a noble attempt. The only sentence I could really challenge would be the first one in your quote above. Perhaps something like “The panty hose were black, and invisible when applied to the seat.”

Self-awareness is the first step to self-improvement, dear. It seems to me you are on a distinguished road, and will become famous soon enough.


Hey, that’s what I use on my sem-seat to (but without tape)! Well not your daugthers… but I just by new panty-hose socks every now and then in the same shopping mall where I practice on the floor of ceramic tiles. Can you imagen how good the nylon layers slides on that!?

It’s totally like Bevans… only nicer.

Which one? Yeah, the muni seatcover’s pretty janky (but it wors damnit), however my trials seatcover is great. I’ve been riding it for over a month and it barely shows any wear.

The easier way to deal with the duct tape getting stick is to just ride through dusty areas… The dust attaches, and no more sticky problems. I have had three duct tape seatcovers, and never really worried about the stickieness. BTW, one of them was an airseat, which last about 8 months before popping. Yes, that’s right, 8 months, never adding duct taper or maintaining it…