Duck feet nd low Q Factor cranks

When I am riding and comfortable on my Muni sometimes when I look down at my pedals I notice that my feet are not all of the way on the pedals, then when I try to wiggle them inboard to get more purchase my heels often interfere with the cranks. Do any of you Muni Gurus think that I could benefit from KH Moments or should I not worry about it and be a good newbie and just ride more?

Riding Venture 150mm on a Nimbus 26"


Definitely go for the KH cranks.The problem with the venture cranks is that the edges are not rounded like the KH cranks,and the sharp edges don’t give good ankle clearance wheras the rounded edges on KH cranks allows your ankles to sweep past the crank more easily.Also,I believe the higher Q factor on the KH moments are better for muni because your ankles flex more on rough terrain than on a straight smooth road and and higher Q factor accommodates that extra ankle movement. I personally use the KH twin hole cranks on my Muni.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the input.

It looks like the Moments are discontinued. I didn’t see them on the Kris Holm site. I think I will try the KH Spirits 150/127.


You can still get Moments from UDC. I actually think they got some more in recently (though I’m not sure how). For a while it looked like they were getting rid of old stock and had Moments discounted for a very good deal.

Yeah, you can then switch quite easily to a 127 setting for flat trails.


I used the Nimbus 165 mm ventures that came on my Nimbus Muni for about 1 month, i ordered the KH spirit cranks, 127mm/150mm disk mount. The difference was astounding. The wider Q factor made it feel so relaxed while i was pedalling, i gained a tremendous amount of confidence and my maneuverability got much better.

When asking yourself if its worth the money i follow the a few rules:

-Its only money and money is a renewable resource (need more? go to work)
-will being more comfortable encourage me to ride more, if yes i order them.