Dublin Unicycle Basketball Tournament and Circus Festival April 23rd - 25th


Dublin is hosting its first ever Unicycle Basketball Tournament :slight_smile: This comes after the first Irish Unicycle Basketball Tournament which took place up in Belfast just a few weeks ago. Due to a great success and popular demand, Dublin will be hosting one in conjunction with its annual Circus Festival (aka juggling convention)

Details are as follows:

Location: Larkin Hall, Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1 (Just off O’Connell St.)

Hall open:
Fri 1700-2200
Sat 0900-1900
Sun 0900-1900

Great Hall, great location, Renegade and fire show, likely accomodation and food discounts, workshops, T-shirts &Hoodies, circus games, gaming area, shops… and a Unicycle Basketball Tournament!!!

We are also looking for someone to instruct an advanced unicycle workshop. We can cover flights, and accomodation and possibly a small fee.

If you are interested in joining the tournament or giving a workshop please email brianoc15@hotmail.com. If you dont have a team, dont worry, we will be putting together teams of teamless players! :smiley:

Check back for updates and mark that date in your calender for the best weeekend in Dublin!!


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Festival Update

This year in the hall we will host the juggling shop Jugglin’ Dublin, and the games shop Gopher Games. Kaskade will also have a few magazines on display and a few subscribtion forms if you want to order some copies!
There will be convention Tshirts and Hoodies for sale to commemorate the event and look cool and keep warm - at the same time!
This year there will be a small gaming area for those of you who like to play games. Gopher games will loan out some games for those of you who dont have your own! tut tut!

Circusing on Grafton street during the day before the hall opens in aid of the Special Olympics fundraising. Workshops in the hall and after, there will be a fire show somewhere in town… location: mystery!

Workshops start early today so dont miss out! Unicycle Basketball Tournament from 2pm. Workshops fill the rest of time til 7. Renegade starting about 9/9.30 so thats loads of time to get food and booze… :smiley: DJ before during and after Renegade until close, so bring dem dancin’ shuuuuuz!

Some easy going workshops to cater for the state of your sorry self during the morning. Games starting about 2pm, loads of great prizes and fun games for all! afterwards is the toss up, then the hall will be open til close for chilling, gaming, practicing whatever

Check back for updates and mark that date in your calender for the best weeekend in Dublin:)
Also if anyone has workshop they would like to do let us know by emailing me at brianoc15@hotmail.com or pm’ing me.

Whooop whooppp WHOOOPP!!! DCF!

see you there!