DT rim or Alex DX

I am going to have a 24" MUni wheel built. I need a brake friendly rim. My first vote was for the Alex DX32 rim, but the guy at the shop recommend the DT rim.

Any opinions. I want light and strong. Max drop height would be 3 feet.


Re: DT rim or Alex DX

DT as in DT Swiss? DT Swiss doesn’t make a downhill rim.


I just got off the phone with the bike shop. Yes, it’s a DT Swiss rim, model number XR 4.1. He says it’s a really strong rim with a deep braking section.

The wheelbuilder says he has made other wheels using this rim.

John, thanks for the link to DT Swiss. Yep, your right. The guy at the bike shop corrected himself when I called again and told him it needed to be for a GAzz and @ inside 38mm width.

Looks like I am back to the Alex.