DRS unicycles, are they the same as Torkers?

Hello all,
I recently ordered this unicycle. I’m told by 3 Australian dealers that it is the identical unicycle to the Torker LX.

The story is that BMX International, the distributers of Torker unicycles in Australia, was unhappy with the pricing structure of Torker and so decided to have the identical unicycle made but branded under the DRS label. I’m wondering if anyone can confirm this.

To me they look the same, but I’m a novice. The specs seem identical to me, but I may be missing something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah, I just sold my 2013 Torker LX and the frame design and tire look the exact same. The Torker frame was steel, though. The cranks and seat look similar, but were completely black on the Torker, as was the rim. So it’s possible they’re the same. You just don’t get the pretty shimmering red frame. :slight_smile: But I like the “solo” logo on it.

That looks like a torker LX to me.