Ok, I’ve been doing lots of 6’+ drops as of late. Problem is I can’t find the right tire presure. They’re impossible to land on a low tire but my tube blows when I have it higher. I was wondering what the “just right” pessure was.
Thanks, Goatie

Oh yeah, I’m rolling out of all of these drops. Thanks.

The right pressure is right between being able to not bottom out but not having a brick for a tire.

Cool. Thanks.

I think it really depends on how much you weigh and how high the drop is. After doing a few drops you should be able to find the right tire pressure.

i usually find that when i pump up my tire just a little above what i feel is good, then just do some light riding on it for a few days it gets to be about right (cause it leaks a little). but ive never done a drop over 4’


the real question is why not?

Ahh touche

i’m about 190 pounds and for me about 18-22 psi is a little firm for “regular” trials riding but close to right it i’m doing drops over 3 feet or so. maybe try buying a fatter tube so it doesn’t have to stretch as far. like 20x2.2 instead of 20x1.75 (if you’re even doing the latter)

I’m doing muni. Most of my blow outs have been from over-inflated tires landing on ground that was rockier then it looked.

yeah, I agree with this one.

Have it soft but not so you will hit rim when you land the drop. Too hard and well… its just hard and doesn’t absorb the drop as well.