Dropping back in after a 20 years


I used to frequent this site many moons ago. Predominantly in the early 2000s. Got heavily into Muni and organized two Uni Roundups in Los Angeles. I was in my early 40s at the time. After a few years, I moved on to 29ers with 2 wheels and would sell all my unicycles over the next 9 years. My last post was in 2016 to sell one of my unis. My stable of unis included an offroad 29er, my Wilder framed Muni, and two trials unicycles. My Muni was a purple wilder as seen here and was the second ever Wilder frame to have brazons for hydraulic brakes thanks to Scott Wallis.

I eventually sold it in 2016 for a pittance on this website.

So, come 2023, I have retired from teaching after 30 years gray haired and a little less reckless, and kind of caught the uni bug again. Not to the extent I had it before. No more dropping off picnic tables at the park. Back surgery a few years ago puts Muni as an enjoyable distant memory.

Going for something more sublime, I recently picked up a lightly used early 80s Schwinn 24" unicycle with a blue anodized aluminum Array rim with the original Panaracer Blue tire. Its’ got some light surface rust, but I like it that way. It gives it a patina. Who ever thought early 80s could be vintage? :roll_eyes:

I just rode it on a 2.5 mile loop around where I grew up. Fun to be back in the unisaddle and learning how to move with the unicycle again and not against it and problem solving the cracks in the sidewalk.




Great story!!

Welcome back, @teachndad !

Nice story and welcome back!

Welcome back! Consider joining the SoCal Unicycle group on Facebook. There are periodic get togethers every month or two to ride a trail or bike path or whatever.

Sean runs the site and is great at picking cool venues. Cyclists of all abilities participate.

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