Droppin Raw Street Knowledge

The Name pretty much sums is up…just wicked street reppin. My second video, which I slapped together in a weekend.

for how recent you made the vid it is kinda old. you had long hair, rode a luna (I think), rode with the miyata cover. and for that matter it was before you got the almost KH set up.

pretty sick, i like how it was mostly all lines, good job


I like how you’ve suddenly come to the forums Justin, glad you released some of your vids too.


I liked the trial part, it was very fast and the sif roling hop up the tabel was crazy.

nice vid guys!

wow that was awesome…

WOW! that was awesome

I love watching that kind of riding. The video was so sweet. I’ve never seen anyone do a static crankflip before either.

Keep it up!

Sweet I watched that like, last week…

I was kinda confused though, because I didn’t think the video looks anything like you Justin.

It’s cool though, I think I’m gonna watch it again.

That is some amazing rinding!

Excellent vid. I really dig the pedal grabs

i dont get what you mean forrest and i havent released any vids mike


ha, both of you are named justin.

haha oops

Uhh… Okay…

Ha ha ha.

cool. i like your style

this is from 2007…

It’s an awesome video from 07!

Yes. Nice style (though you improved significantly since)…