driving with a unicycle

how do you put your unicycle in you car or truck or suv or motorcycle because my mom hates to put mine in her dodge magnum and i slides around in my truck bed and gets scratched up what is a good way to mount one in a vehicle?

If you’re worried about your truck bed getting scratched up, you shouldn’t have a truck.

A bungee cord should be sufficient to keep the thing from sliding around.

No like when I take a corner the unicycle slides and the frame hits the wheel well and scraches the UNi frame.


or you could just wrap your uni in a blanket and bungee it to something. . .

. . . also, it IS possible to fit a uni in the cab of a truck in the passenger side floor board where it won’t slide around.

HaHa, I bet you wouldn’t approve of the bed rug in my truck (nice padded carpeting - my wife sells beads, so it’s to cushion hundreds of thousands of glass beads). :o

Getting back on topic, a bed liner of some kind might help protect the uni. If you want to do it on the cheap, try a sheet of plywood, scrap of carpet, or even just some cardboard.

You could also wrap the uni in a tarp.

But you should still use bungees.


maybe bungee cord it down in the bed so it doesnt slide

if i had a truck my uni would go in the passenger seat with a seat belt and the passenger would ride in the bed.:smiley:

whoever is driving is a TERRIBLE driver.

i have a honda accord, and i always just throw my uni(s) right in the back seat.

they never slide around. ever. the only damage my seats have ever taken is from when i’m putting in unicycles and a pedal accidentally grabs the leather.

no hard braking(which means no tailgating…and seriously, like 90% of the drivers i see tailgate. END THIS NOW, IT’S RETARDED), and no corners at 50mph should do the trick.

Mount it on the hood like an ornament.

Tie a rope to the bumper and have your mom pull you down the road while you coast.

What’s that old saying about there being no such thing as a stupid question…?

i desided to make a little rack for the back of my truck so i can put both of them in there with them slideing.

Remove the cranks and put the Unicycle between the front seat and back seat (where will the legs of passenger) the fork will touch the ground on the other side, so the unicycle will not swing, it will not scratch, you just need a little work to put the cranks again!:slight_smile:

Wow, that’s some lovin’ for the uni! However, the wear you’ll get from repeatedly removing the cranks probably isn’t so great. . . ?

I just toss mine in the back of the truck, no bungees. But then I do have a bed liner that keeps it from sliding much, and a topper to keep it in the rig when I hit the brakes too hard while tailgaiting, and when flying around corners at excessive speed. :wink:

For long trips I prefer my dea , but with you want to travel A LOT with te uni , your ideia is best hahahah i don´t travel to much with my uni , just sometimes!

I plan to take my uni’s along on trips on my thule bike rails turned backwards. I’ll clamp the wheel to the rail (same as I would a bike’s back wheel), and bungee or strap the seat/frame to the other end of the rail. This is not tested, and the thing I’m uncertain of … would I need a hard clamp on the frame to keep the wheel from flopping over? I think probably, hmmm more brainstorming required.

I have a Thule hitch rack on my car, carries four unis or two unis and a bike, but most of the time I just put them in the car.

I have a custom rack on our camper, carries three unis; it’s a converted all aluminum three hanger bike rack.

The only reason for a rack is to have room for passengers. If I had a truck, I woudl just throw the unis in back and use a bungee. I might go as far as to have a stand of some sort, make it out of pipe or PVC.

Here’s my scooter unicycle rack

page 3, 7th post down

Another thing that works well is a ratcheting cargo bar. I use one to stand my uni’s up if I need more room for other stuff in the truck bed. Just Google, or hit the local auto parts store - they run around $20-25.

i am going to make a pvc rack like ben said

my uni never slides around in my trucks bed. no liner or anything. i just put the uni in a corner between the tailgate and the raised part of the bed where the wheel goes. in my car, i just toss it in, trying not to catch the pedals on anything or rub the wheel against anything clean. you really dont need any kind of rack