pretty self explanitory, got bored so threw together this little vid.


Cool video. I enjoyed that
Crystal Castles like?

great video !!
I like it

that’s a really good video I like your crank flip/unispin that one was skillful

Nice, I liked the creative use of just those few objects, and good tricks too.

Nice vid. Short and sweet. Didn’t bore me. :slight_smile:

thanks guys, glad to hear you like it. :slight_smile:

You can do way better :stuck_out_tongue:

yeahh, not on my driveway :wink:


nice man, oi there was a double in there yeah? secret hammers!!

Hey … nice technique and stuff…

It was a Van She - Sex City remix… Sounds shit how they blocked the word sex though… soft…

Oh yeah, sweet vid :smiley:

sweet :roll_eyes: