Drilling Moments - The do's and don'ts

I have a pair of moments I’m thinking of drilling and using purely for flatland (unicycling on flat, not just rolls).
Whats everyones thoughts on this? Will they be fine for most flat abuse? Landing heavily on 720s, tripleflips, 900s when I get them, etc.

Also, I’ve got no idea where to start and what kind of drill will do the job.

Help me out.


not to be rude to you but do you have some experience with power tools?

if not just ask someone to do it for you
you dont want to destroy your set of cranks

but then if you want to try
just meassure the crank lenght and mark out holes where you want to drill
start out slowly with a small diameter drill and then a large drill

take a look at the pictures from …(dont know his name now but the guy with the triton frame)

hope this helped you a bit
englich is not my first so excuus me

I would use a mill if you want to get the holes dead square.

Yeah thats not rude haha, I have no experiance what so ever.

I wasn’t really wanting people to talk so much about the tools, but about where to drill the moments, where not to drill, anything about moments that would make drilling a totally terrible idea, etc. I’ll try find Sam Habers pics.

+1. See if there’s a machining place near you that could do it, not only would they have the gear to do a decent job, they’d probably have a decent idea where to drill and where not to drill.

These, I guess, would be the drilled Moments that eenwieler-sander mentioned.

First off, no 720s by me.

I do think if you drill the cranks correctly they will hold up fine. I went pretty aggressive with the amount I had drilled out. There were two reasons for this. To see how much weight I could loose, and to see how much weaker that would make them. I lost quite a bit of weight, and so far they seem quite strong. They do not feel unbreakable, but have held up to stair sets, big drops, Muni, and are out lasting my almost dead rim.

Keep in mind I am not the heaviest or most aggressive rider.

Also, I would not just take a drill and a drill bit and go at them. I had mine done by a professional with a digital mill. The correct way to drill cranks it to use a mill, and of course no what you are doing.

If you are gonna look at my pics, you can always tone down the amount of metal you plan to mill out. I took what I thought was more than enough.

My words to the metalworker were, " I dont care if these break make them as light as you can". They are still intact, tho if I were drilling a pair that someone wanted to last, I would have them done a little different.

Alright, wicked. When I find a place I’ll take them in and tell them to take out just a little less then yours.

Hi all. I have just finished machining my moment cranks and thought you might be interested.

I used a NC mill with an 8mm ball nosed cutter to machine each pocket. They are 11 mm deep by 20.4mm wide. Each pocket is the width between the top and bottom rail on the back of the crank so each one is slightly bigger as you get toward the pedal insert. i wanted to leave the outside face intact as i like the look of it, and i think it will help maintain the strength of the crank. If I had more time i could have programmed the mill to follow the profile of the crank better and possibly lost about 10 more grams per crank.

I also noticed there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary material past the pedal insert so i removed 6.5mm from the end of each crank. This piece alone was worth 12g per crank, and i cant see that this will reduce the strength at all. For those of you doing flip tricks it may be worth noticing that this may be signifigant as it is the furtherest out piece of the crank.

In the end i reduced the weight of these cranks from a measured 614g to 498g for the pair.

I dont think that these should be much, if any weaker than standard.

That is excellent! I would love to have acess to a CNC mill :slight_smile:

I have always contemplated drilling some moments cranks. That Milling job is great and what a good idea.

Something like these cranks below would be nice if you CNC the would triangles out:

That is a quality mod. Nice work :slight_smile:

That is very slick, congrats!

Are you interested in milling cranks for other people? No worries if not, gotta ask though :slight_smile:

if you do it yourself you need a pedal thread tap, or rather two as you need right hand and left hand threads. These are not cheap to buy but your LBS might have some and will do the for you if you drill the holes. I would at the very least use a pillar drill for this, if not a milling macine. Also note that the standard holes have steel inserts, if you drill and tap the Al the thread will be significantly weaker than the standard one, prone to wearing and pulling out. I’m not saying it won’t be strong enough, but it may have issues in the long run. Really really don’t just go at it with a power drill, it won’t go well.

And if you’re forking out for tools or paying a machinist you might find it cheaper just to sell your cranks and buy a new pair of the KH double holes, which are of course garaunteed quality and have steel thread inserts in both holes.

Those look really cool.