drilled or undrilled rims

i have a nibus trials with a undrilled rim and was wondering if it is worth getting drilled rim to save weight since i am only beginning trials and street. Any opinions on which is better would be nice:D

The search feature, and spelling will help you on your quest for knowledge.

Well I actually just switched from a drillled to a nimbus trials wheel :-D. The drilled arent much lighter since they are also wider. I think they weigh very close to the same, and you prolly wouldnt know a difference. My advice is just stick with the one you got til you throw it out or just plain thrash it, then go for a drilled.


kh 08 is heavier than the nimbus or so I heard, so no. If you want light that bad, drill your own rim. Do small pilot holes, then use a step bit.

I would not recommend doing that.