I’m moving so I had to downsize my unicycle collection. I returned the Penguin Giraffe to its owner a few years ago. I sold Red Menace last year (after making a video demonstrating how to change gears). A friend had borrowed one of my kid’s 20" unicycles so I told them not to return it. I gave my old 24" unicycle to a neighbor who used to ride.

Then last week I gave away a 29" to a random unicyclist who was at our house for a party. The next day I gave away a 20" muni to somebody who was picking up some furniture - their daughter expressed interest in learning. The day after that I gave my 36" Coker back to the person I bought it from in 2017. It’s still got the same tire from when I rode it Seattle to Portland. That was tough to part with - so many memories - but at least it’s with a friend. Then I gave away a 20" muni to a fellow juggler/unicyclist.

I’m sad about giving away my kids’ four unicycles because it means I won’t be riding with them again, but they live far away so that was pretty much a done deal anyway.

And that’s it. I’m down to just four. A 29" Schlumpf for distance, a 20" for unicycle hockey and tricks, a muni, and a 5’ giraffe - the bare essentials.

I also got rid of ten Rubik’s cubes, most of which went into the trash. Don’t worry - I’ve still got a dozen left.


I’m with you in this, I recently got up to 4 Unicycles before thinking it for a bit much so I’m selling and going back down 3, but may have 2 wheels for the Muni.

Do you have any pictures of the before and after of your collection?

My compliments on your generosity in giving so many away. Hopefully you have inspired some new riders.

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I don’t have any before pictures but I’m hopeful that this after picture gives a sense of the loss. “Empty chairs and empty tables…”

I do hope that I have inspired a couple of people to start riding, or to resume riding. We will see.


Agreed, I hope the love you put into the world continues to sprout. I’m sure you made quite a few people excited.

Hi Bruce! I understand downsizing, I’m still working on it. Too bad I am so far away now, I miss riding in the Fremont Solstice Parade with you.