Downhill Viehbergalm

Here is my new vid. I hope you enjoy it even if it is a bit long :roll_eyes:

them knobbly loose rocks look proper trick, Nice riding.

Long video, but it went by fast because it was very entertaining! That ground is so rocky. That is such a beautiful area to ride!:smiley:

nice vid, a little slow for my liking though. I think a good way to keep that type of riding interesting is to just white knuckle that stuff man, grip it and rip it! you’ve got a break so step on the gas baby!

good video and nice trail. way better than your last ones.

Nice riding, it didnt seem 8 minutes

nice vid and a nice helm!

Great video !! The terrain was quite rocky, makes it all that more exciting to ride :slight_smile:

Nice Video, looks like a very great track. I hope you can make it for Steinach.

@Johnny Reggea: greatings to Tansey and her little brother!

Will definitely pass on the message… hope to be riding with her next week :slight_smile:

cool vid, i liked it!

Thanks for the comments so far.

I have just realised that the audio line in the vid is a bit displaced. That sucks but unfortunately noone recognized it :stuck_out_tongue:

As I am not the best rider (yet :stuck_out_tongue: ) the loose rocks were really tricky (like you can also see in the upd section of the vid) but it’s also fun when you have those little slides in there without falling off. Unfortunately this slows the riding down a lot.

Like mentioned before I am riding Muni about half a year now so there is a lot left to learn for me. The main technical problem I have is riding really fast over small bumps without falling off. For now I always have to slow down before roots and stones.

Instead of thinking about it as a choice between slowing down or speeding over the roots and stones, think of these irregularities as your opportunity for speed control. Imagine pedaling down a dirt road as fast as you reasonably can. As a root or stone approaches you neither brake nor intend to keep full speed over it. Since you are already riding as fast as you are able you will physically not be able to maintain that exact speed over bumps. They will redirect your energy and slow you down. So as you prepare to hit the root or stone you think of it as braking for you. Consequently you will assume the posture of braking, moving your weight back, holding the seat and preparing to stabilize your movement with leg strength. However you don’t use the brake or apply significant amounts of back pressure on the pedals; you hit the obstacle and experience it as a braking force. Since you have prepared for the impact as the retarding force that it is, the shock should not vault you off of the unicycle.

The trick then becomes not so much riding over these obstacles but scanning the trail ahead for them and accurately anticipating the impact forces they will apply to you.

Thanks for the tipp but as I ride with 137mm cranks I always have to use my brake on downhills. Today I lowered my seat and that helped a lot. Now I can not only keep control better while riding over roots and through bumps but also I do not fall so easily when the Muni slides away when it is slippery.