Downhill video

Enjoy! :wink:

Nice riding and a great bail at the end.

Looks like rooty-tooty fun…but why the full-face motorcycle/motocross helmet? Seems like it would be a lot of extra, unnecessary top-heavy weight. :stuck_out_tongue: But if you want increased head/face protection, I guess that would be one way to do it. I do have a similar body protection, but only used it once on an extreme rocky technical trail. I found it heavy, bulky and overkill, but I can see how it could minimize back and shoulder injuries. :slight_smile:

But wearing all that protection is far better than none at all, or too little, which is seen all too often in most extreme uni disciplines. The most important thing, of course, is to just wear your hat backwards and look as cool as possible, lol! :wink:

Great video. I generally enjoy MUni videos and riding more and more. :smiley:

Thanks for the nice comments :wink:

Obviously you haven’t read it in one of the other 100 threads I have already posted this :smiley: The fullface helmet possibly has saved my life already. I faceplanted on a big stone in a creek and may have drowned if I had become unconscious. I broke my upper arm in that crash (and it hasn’t healed completely after about half a year) and that’s why I wear the body armor. Apart from being hot I don’t recoginze the helmet and the body armor is very light.

  • I think all that protection looks cool and professional :smiley:

At the moment I am also trying to push my limits a lot by riding faster over technical terrain. That’s were protection comes in handy. I am also thinking about goggles because in the woods are lots of bushes and sticks and I fall forward a lot. You really don’t want such things in your eyes.

Wow! I don’t remember treading those threads, but I sure see your reason now and understand! :slight_smile:

Awesome, man! Lovin’ your Muni, as I’ve said in the past :wink:

Great vid! Fun to watch, some awesome clips in there.

Man … rooty out there!!! Good looking woods you have to ride in…
That final scene was almost 3-D !

Nice, really smiled at the end of the video, and enjoyed the sound of the Muni rolling over branches. Also that’s very nice looking scenery, you’re lucky to ride there.

nice one. Good riding/editing and music. You should hit some of those trails in 1:1.5

Yeah thats what I was thinking, IMO it makes you look like a cool pro instead of just a guy riding a unicycle. Your riding looks pretty awesome too, looks like you’re having fun:)

Yet another great video!


I wish more great Muni riders would make more Muni vids (napalm:o)

Another good video, some great action… nice one :slight_smile:

@ skilewis- i am flattered but can’t get back to riding until the ligaments in my right ankle heals properly. If you didn’t see the crash that got me check out the thread here in the video forum called ‘another vid from the Australian mountain unicycling weekend’- the bail is at the end.

I must say the standard of Muni videos and riding has been pretty darn good as of late (possibly as a reaction to JKhose’s death of muni debate). I am always looking out for the next turtle, shug, muniaddict, from the woods, lutz vid and am rarely dissapointed. I think the next project for me is to finaly edit some of the footage i have from my 2 weeks or Muni in NZ after unicon.

keep 'em coming guys…or muni girls (…if you exist :thinking: )

Very cool video, and nice riding!

Wow … I an honored to even be included in that group!!!
MUni On…

Wow, page 2 already… I think that’s a personal record :smiley:

Just joking but all those comments are really appreciated; thanks to all of you. They motivate me a lot but if someone has some tips what can be improved (both, my riding and filming/editing) they are very welcome too :wink:

I am not that good when riding in high gear. Maybe it’s just fear but small bumps and roots can easily throw me off the uni. Maybe in one of my future vids I will try to ride this high speed trails in high gear.

+1 for the added gear. I keep thinking of elbow / forearm protection but my terrain isn’t quite that rugged! Wish it were, it looks a hoot!

Nice shooting too BTW.