[Downhill] Rollin' down Part 1

Here is a new video from me. Unfortunately I had to decide to just finish the first part of it because I hurt my ankle. Since I think lining up for jumps and drops does belong everywhere but not to MUni there are several occasions where you have to spin the cranks to horizontal while in the air. But when you think too much about landing properly it happens that you forget to spin the cranks. What you can see in the last clip is the worst case landing… and I hurt my ankle (you can see the toes pushed up). I can walk without problems but it is swollen and hurts when bending the toes up (I am sure it’s that old bone bruise thing again).

Moreover I know myself very well and I am VERY impatient when making videos (usually I film and edit in about 6 hours). So I know if I have not finished at least a part of it I will try that jump again… think too much about it because it still hurts… and make the same mistake again… :smiley:

Enough of all that boring talking about my ankle, haha… Enjoy! :wink:

EDIT: It’s not the most technical terrain, it’s more a high speed trail with some semi-technical parts in there but that’s why it’s one of my favourite ones. I am sure you can easily average about 15km/h down there.

Another cool video. You certainly ride with some speed :slight_smile: Hope the ankle heals quickly.

In my experience the problem arises because it feels wrong to spin the cranks when one is expecting to land with legs tensed and ready to brake on a steep transition.

Sorry about the ankle. :frowning:
While I agree that planned run-ups don’t belong in ideal MUni I think it is okay to use them while you are practicing difficult sections that might be beyond your comfort zone otherwise. Ya know, to prevent needless injury. :wink:

Thanks :wink:

Most of the time I am able to spin the cranks to a horizontal position. I also have made the jump several times before that stupid, stupid bail (in the video the 2 clips before the bail show the same jump and in both I spin the cranks while in air) but then I started to think about how well it worked and what would happen if I did something wrong… and BANG! :o

Hey man, sucks about your ankle- good vid though. Videos like yours and turtles shows that with enough speed even moderate trails can make for a good fun ride (and vid). Hope it heals quickly. I’m only just getting back on the muni after a 4 week hiatus with torn ankle ligaments- hope yours doesn’t take you out for longer than that.

Nice speed, man. Heal quickly, I’m ready for part two :wink:

Dam, sorry to hear about your ankle! Nice vid, you were going fast especialy at 1:09 :astonished:

Thanks for all your comments :slight_smile:

Today my ankle is quite ok already. I will start some distance riding today but in 2 weeks is an uni event and I don’t want to miss it because of a new injury so I will be cautious until then. :smiley:

All around great video with a good pace. Sorry about your ankle though - please be careful so you won’t miss the event. :slight_smile:

Youre really ripping it up!
What size wheel is that? 20" is popular there… hard to tell.
I like how you do rolling hops off things without hesitation.
The crash at 1:45 was looking like the camera man would get a unicycle in the face, which is always dramatic
Filming/editing wise, its okay… but you could mix it up with some first person (you hold camera) or have someone chase you and do more dramatic things with the camera.
Not so many people wear full face helmet… do you make use of that much?


It’s a KH24. For downhill I use a 24x3 exclusively. I started with a 20" a year ago and have tried a 26x3 and 26x2.5 but the 24 suits my riding style best.

You are right. I am thinking about getting a helmet cam or at least borrow one (I have already got an offer :smiley: )

In the thread of my previous vid I explained to MuniAddict why I wear it. Fact ist that I really try to push my limits and ride as fast as I can over difficult terrain. It happens more often than I would like that I fall forward immediately without having a chance to run out or catch the fall with my hands. A stone in the wrong place and that’s it. So yes, at least from a psychological perspective, it has already payed off.

As long as your face is worth looking at…!:wink:
(But scars r sexy 2)