Downhill in Croatia


sorry for posting in english but I’m not able to write or speak dutch.
I just want to motivate you to be a part of the Downhill in Gracisce / Croatia. It would be great to have also some riders from the Netherlands over there, even if the Netherlands are no typical Downhill country :smiley:
There should be cheap flights availiable to Rijeka or Pula where we can pick up you. Also by car it could be a funny trip at all.
So come on and sign in for THE Downhill in 2007

Hi Olarf,

It looks good, but is it a biking or a unicycling event? If you want more dutch people to read about it you should post it at more riders visit that forum than these. If you want I can post about it for you.



Hi Dustin,

it is a bike event but they make a seperate unicycle class. So unicyclist ride alone and wis professional time measurement and had a seperate official winner. It would be great if you can post it on for us.
If rider sign in, they will see that they can choice different bike classes and one monocikl class. We also do a trial there and there will be a lot of good XC tracks arround.