Doubleflip - MaxUni

I finally landed my first doubleflip.
Not 100% clean but whatever :smiley:
I can land him clean to so…

good job I wish I couldd that:o

that was tight…nice job!

cool editing

congrats on the double man. You know what i thinks better though? when you learn a new trick, instead of just filming it. Throw it in a longer video, or into a line when you film it (after you land one of course).

just my thought, i just get kind of annoyed when its shown over 4 or 5 times.

not to steal your thunder though, doubles were a tough road, congrats.

Uh congrats. Haha not 100% clean, abit of an understatement, your foot came off the pedal after you landed it.

If you can land them clean why did you settle for that? and why only film one? I know when I landed my first, my second came along straight after. Double flips are like the easiest trick after crankflips and so easy to get consistant.

nice. How are you at 1 handed doubles? I am just wondering.

Whats with everyone adding the seizure inducing flashes in their videos? I promise that my first video, once I get my camera, will contain no flashing.

Oh I didint realise it was two handed, man up people and land these tricks one handed like they should be :stuck_out_tongue:

well, one handed i’m almost there.
It’s just on the moment of filming, my right hand wasn’t totaly fine so i needed both hands.

My next vid will have double one handed :smiley:

I don’t think there’s much wrong with using two hands, though 2 handed is easier. It’s just I learned doubles 1 handed and then I learned triples two handed and I can’t get very close 1 handed (haven’t tried much). I was just wondering how much easier doubles are 2 handed since I never even thought of using 2 hands before I landed doubles.

I agree with Justin :slight_smile: But hey, congratulations! :smiley:

A double flip looks way cooler than a single flip, but looks the same to me as a triple. GJ, it looks rad. Take it down sets now!

Awesome job that was pretty clean for you first one. I really want to learn them i feel like im close.

Sweet. I knew you showed promise. lol