double backflips

Nice and Smooth, Good job!

haha, dude, that is so sick!

awesome, good job.

Haha, I love the way you “ride away” the last flip :sunglasses:
Good job dude.

Peter M

That was awesome! Arent you scared of hitting your shins when doing that?

I’m going to cut your legs :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, great, good job! :wink: :smiley:

YES NO PADS!! That’s the way to ride nowadays. Padless for 6 weeks, how about you?

-Shaun Johanneson

Nice! You barely leave the ground when you do those.

Yeah something like that for me too, I haven’t been keeping track. I haven’t worn shin guards in a while, my legs got pretty destroyed yesterday though.

thanks for the angles and slow mo… you do it so fast its hard to tell what happened. wow
Seems awkward going from rolling forward to backflip. Wouldnt rolling backward first make it easier?

I don’t think I’ve ridden with pads since like, late august…

Mainly because I’m just lazy though.

I only wear pads when my concern for being hurt overrules my inner lazyiness.

nice job on the double backs:)

lol yea i dropped the pads round 11 months ago out of sheer laziness. i pay for it by having my legs b like one giant scar… but who gives a shit eh? lol.
nice job on the doublebackflip. i should wrk on those…

my god, so nice :smiley: why dont take a min to put pads on?

way sick spencer. nice an cleeeeeeean

wow…u always can amaze someone spencer…

Nice job mate. Try doing them slightly later though, as in later in the hop. Gives for a bit more distance and smoother landing as a result of your body not having so much forward momentum. Nice trick, can you do it off anything yet?


that was nice, pretty clean. I have NEVER worn pads, im just poor so i dont bother!

WOW it’s very cool :wink:

Sorry for my English