Don't Waste Your Life

Here is my most recent video:

Lecrae-Don’t Waste Your Life

jo tight tricks, i liked the inrto much and the koosh koosh coast trick. you should maybe try to put your seat a bit down.

not to be a hater or anything but i think that ur making too many vids
they aint bad but you should focus on a few amazing movies instead

I dont think you’re making too many videos, but I do think that you need some new locations, repetitive garage shots do get a little boring after a while, no matter what angles you get :wink:
saying that, you are getting really awesome at flat, two 7s in a row, koosh koosh coast thing, lots of other random awesome stuff!

I agree!


Thanks! I totally agree that garage shots get boring, but it’s still winter here and there is snow outside. My next video happens to be outside, so it should be a nice change.

Awesome, your tricks are a lot better as always but your editing is getting really good too. :slight_smile: 3 spin-rollingwrap at the beginning was awesome, that’s such a cool way to transition.

Awesome, dude! You’re not making too many videos :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite was definitely the koosh-koosh coast. Keep it up!

yes!! awesome :smiley: nice tricks cool combos and nice flat freestyle! i’m not pro in sib unispins i can say that i’m shit in them but it would look much more better if e.g. you would do 270 sib unispins like you hold the seat before it with your left hand in the end and right hand on the middle of the seat and you do the unispin and you catch the front bumper when it’s not between your legs. i dont know can u understand or not :smiley: soo really great tricks keep it up and put your seat down it would looks more cool :smiley:

nice =D you are getting so good!!
sick combo’s and tricks :slight_smile:
and the editing was so good :roll_eyes:

About al the vids
maby the garage filming is a bit to much, but I understand that you don’t have much chose + i also understand that it is much nicer for you to do some flat inside, film everything and when you have enough new tricks, make a new vid of them…
I have no problem with that, but I have to say…
your vids are nice to see only once, but are not that vids that you want to see over and over again, because of the fact that it is always the same spot.

  • thats also a reason why al your vids look the same.

I would say, when it gets warmer, ride a lot for 2-3 months, film at different locations, and put your best tricks together in a vid of 3-4minutes…
so it will be a vid that we can remember ^^

ps: dude that thing you put on the floor looks so nice and soft :o

dude your spot on sorry if i sounded like a a-hole earlier

I wish I could ride like you, way cool. I liked the HiP (hand in pocket) flat too haha.

whoa what a video - who cares about the garage! I think all the best riders come out of garages somehow. as long as the style is so nice, it´s just a pleasure to watch.

Thanks a lot for all of the nice comments, everyone! There are some good suggestions here that I will take into consideration for future videos.

I think ur are making a bit too many vids, but I’m totally cool with it :slight_smile: Well if people think ur making too many vids they can just choose not to watch them… I may say I have done that a few times with ur vids cus they really do seem the same. But as Concierge says: “I think all the best riders come out of garages somehow”. I think that is true when it comes to you!! In summer I think I was better at flat then you, but now you could beat me HiP!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, when it comes to this video, I think it’s the best you’ve made till now! :slight_smile:

Sick dude!
Your video’s are awesome!:slight_smile:
I enjoyed the intro to man, crazy editing.
I realy like the one handed combo’s to.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments!

are you wearing shinguards?
i think you need them harder then kneeprotection :wink:

Soft: yes. Nice: no.

You should definitely put your unicycle height down a little :stuck_out_tongue:
you have developed a lot lately :slight_smile: keep up the good work :smiley:

Very nice. The high seat and helmet are working just fine for you. Don’t change anything.