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Re: Interested

Originally posted by DanLee
[I started riding about a year and a half ago, and ive really been wanting to try a trail, and see other, more experianced riders. Is there a set ending time?

No, We ride until we all pretty much feel like stopping. If we are all having a good time we continue having a good time. If anyone wants to leave earlier no problem, Its extremely easy to get back to the car and if needed someone is available to take you back. If you like you can stay local and practice and meet up with us on the way back. I’m sure there will be others who will join you.

There has always been a large variety of different skill levels to see.

Come on out, You won’t be disappointed.

Just One Wheel, Inc.

That sounds great, im trying to get the day off of work to come, if I can ill come, but i may have to leave early, sounds fun thanks.

i am the kid

i am looking for directions… anyone got any? i am from philadelphia, PA

NIck are you bringing the coker wheel

Here are the basic directions from Phili. Directions to Adam (JustOneWheel)

yes coker wheel is coming. possibly both, (the spare and the uni)

Where am I

If anyone needs any further info please don’t hesitate to call. (516)702-9807.


See you all soon.