don't know what tire to get/general tire thread

I have a club 26" and the tire is going bad. There is a fault in the tire, you can see the cords in the tire near the bead, and its budging there. Needless to say this needs to be replaced, but i figure while i replace it I should get a little better tire. I do lots of trail riding and just to and from class everyday. Also next year I’m living off campus so I’ll need to ride everyday about a mile even with some snow on the ground.

long story short I need a new tire for my club 26" anyone have a suggestion?

I suggest CST Cyclops. 24" is pictured in this thread but you can get it in 26" size too. Well made tire, very nice price, lots of fun for general bashing around.

I would just walk or ride into your local bike shop and see what they have. Talk to the staff and pick something that looks good to you.

You will want to avoid anything with an aggressive centre tread and edge tread with minimal transitional tread as this kind of tire tends to have bad camber issues when used on a unicycle. Generally we like rounder profiles but some squarish tires have also worked well on one wheel.