Don't Buy these!!

I got some cheapo shoes at payless for $15. They were holding up fine for normal pedal contact with the uni. But today I glided down just part of a big hill and the damn things wore all the way through! I think my bare feet could hold up better than that! well, maybe not. You get what you pay for, huh?

You can see the ridge on the shoe that the gap in the tire knobbies left.

If you see these shoes (or toes) in the store…JUST WALK AWAY!

Ummm, crazy off the wall guess here but…“made in China”?

This you can find almost in any shoe. This or Taiwan.

I always use Fila’s. I have got a old model that cost just 40 euros. And I need just 4 pairs of shoes in 1 year. I had also tried a shoe that just cost 10 euro. And after 1 week it was disastures. So I have decided to buy Fila shoes.


I suppose I could go out and buy a new pair of shoes but then I’d have to go through the trouble of changing my username. I think I’ll hang on for a while longer.

You guessed it calamari: MADE IN CHINA!!

Thank you very much china :smiley:

Thanks for your two cents ferko. I’ll consider them filas.

hole-in-my-shoe: I’m glad you surfaced. I was thinking about your name while i was writing the post. I think i will be a fellow shoe-holer while i wait for the funds to pile up in the shoe fund.

Take it easy everyone.