Donkey Kick Tutorial

Hey guys, I’ve been practising donkey kicks for a couple of days now but have made no progress what so ever. I can’t make the kick consistantly and even when I do make the kick I can’t land over the pedals.

Any written help is more than welcome but if anyone could piece together a video with some accompanying tips that would be great!



same problem here!
Been working on them, can’t figger them out completely.

Tutorial would be nice, definately.
(i’ll keep working on them though, and tell you what i find.)

i THINK, from what i’ve seen, is to make you jump off the unicycle and the uni just bouce a little bit, versus making the whole thing jump up with you… yiou know? bring the uni up JUST high enough to flip, but not too high, and luanch yourself to give the time to get back to pedals. Kind of like in a regular crankflip…

Thats what I THINK.

Cheers mate, but what I can’t get is the cranks to flip fast enough and when I can I’m nowhere near the pedals when I land. I had the same problem when landing flips.


May be this can help you guys a little.

Concentrate about jumping high up from the uni, while kicking the wheel at the same time.
Try to get stabilized before kicking and jumping.

Here’s a clip:

thanks Fred, that’s a help!, will save that vid and watch it over.

Thanks again,


Hey see if this video helps:

Notice how my upper body leans over the seat, that is important. You want to lean over seat. Don’t jump to high, probably a few inches off the ground is fine. Concentrate more on the kick then the jump. It’s hard for me to explain what your feet do, but you should be able to do tell from the video. They aren’t too hard to learn, but you have to commit to the trick (try to land it), and that can take some time to get your body to do that.

I recommend everyone watch this.

I love it! Thanks!!!

that’s really helpful, gets me excited to ride. Too bad whenever I leave the pedals I get some kind of injury.

I was actually starting to practice these things, sort of, today, after I met some new streety riders around my area.

I managed to nail zeroplant-donkeys within a few minutes, but I expect the real thing to be harder. However, I’m going to have to use something other than an XTP to practice the proper donkeykicks :p.

This trick seems so much more simple to learn than crankflips and even normal zeroplants in my case for some reason. :thinking:

zero plant donkey kick?

explain how that is possible please

Well, it’s probably not the correct name, but that’s the impression I got out of it, this is what I did:

Ride along SIF, jump, and place the forward foot onto the ground, as if doing a zeroplant crankflip, but at a slower pedalling speed and don’t let the cranks rotate.

I am left foot forward, so basically I jump off the uni as if I were doing a normal zeroplant, and have the left foot jump onto the ground, and at the same time, my right foot lands on the tyre… So for a split second, the tyre is touching the ground, as well as my left foot on the ground. Then i give a sharp kick backwards with my right foot, spin the cranks back, and land onto the pedals.

I guess one could just as easily get into this move by doing backwards riding, but hey, that’s how I learnt it today.


I think I’ll try it.

Haha, have I invented a new amateur street trick? :roll_eyes:

No, I doubt it, it’s only a matter of time before someone else on the forum says: 'sorry, this was done ages ago :stuck_out_tongue: '.

Meh, it’s good fun, especially for someone who rides purely trials.

I know I can’t get the right spin I can do half donkey kicks though.

It just came to my mind, if you think it’s hard to kick the wheel with your other foot on the frame, you can try learning the donkey-kicks with the foot on the crank instead. It’s muck easier, and perhaps it will make it easier to learn real donkey-kicks later.

The cranks eh… thanks for the Idea.:smiley:

One thing that I noticed you doing that I don’t do (which is probably what messes me up so much) is that you are pulling your foot back with the tire. When I do it I tend to kick it more down and flick with my ankle. When I do that it ends up pushing the uni forward and then away from where I want to be landing.

Thanks for that video Fredrik_Justnes

Did you guys not see that video I edited together? I put donkey kick and hick donkey kick in normal motion, slow, and even slower motion. Take a look and see if it helps. (I should of edited out that freestyle run. Oh well, just keep watching it and you’ll see all the slow-motions)

Ive never thought of that crank method before (puting one foot on crank instead of frame). Maybe that could help me learn tre-donkey kicks, I’ll have to try it.

I managed to get them today as a mount. Not as hard as I remembered from long ago. I think I would be happier if I could go from normal riding to it, instead of mounting into it, I don’t find it very impressive.


oh whoah, that was crazy!


also, is it easier on a freestyle uni?