Donate to Gilby Productions

There is a PayPal donate button that has appeared on the unicyclist web site. I have never heard Kevin Gilbertson blow his own horn so I will do it for him. He has provided us, the users, with a fantastic variety of services and a great source of information and entertainment. He has donated enormous amounts of his time for our benefit. We now have a way to easily show our appreciation.

Thanks, Kevin.

Just to remind you that the donate button is still available. I was hoping to see this thread propogate a little longer.

Hey…I found that little tiny itsy bitsy button- and USED IT. OK, I didn’t give a bunch ('cus I don’t got a bunch)- but as they say “every bit helps”. So…

Go now- go now and do your part. The button should be replaced with a BIG button that reads “Guilt Free Unicycling- click here to learn more!”