doing things while unicycling

Somebody asked a while back (well about 100 messages, which probably means about
25 messages because everything is duplicated duplicated twice twice) about
playing music or juggling while uni-ing.

In the last two issues of Juggle magazine, there have been reviews of two
separate groups involving a person who stood on the shoulders of someone idling
a giraffe unicycle, and passed clubs with someone else. One of the groups used a
step-ladder to get onto the shoulders (you’d be 12 feet in the air if the
giraffe was a 6’) of the person idling. I’m not sure how the other group got
into their setup.

Which begs the question: does anybody know the easiest way to get into a
shoulder stand on a normal uni? Should you do the shoulder stand, and then mount
the uni, or mount the uni, then do the shouolder stand?

nic envisaging many broken bones attempting stupid stunts