does unicycling cause impotence?

I recently started unicycling, and had heard that riding bikes can cause you to not be able to reproduce. I thought it would be even more likely to happen on a unicycle, seeing as how there is more pressure on your “area.”
So, experienced unicylists, please tell me if you know anything about unicycling and impotence. Or, tell me if you have kids, and have ridden for more than, say 10 years or so.

does unicycling cause impotence?

The indirect answer to your question lies in the post counts for this forum…

Post counts are inversely proportional to potency.

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Uh… did you mean to ask about IMPOTENCE, or INFERTILITY,… or PENILE NUMBNESS? They’re different and not necessarily related.

Unicycling won’t make you impotent, but cracking your shin on a pedal will make you limp.

Worry causes impotence. Stop worrying.

BIcyclists can become impotent - if they ride for hours every day in the same position, crouched over the handlebars, and using a narrow hard saddle.

UNIcyclists sit in a different position, and are constantly shifting their weight, standing up on the pedals, and dismounting and remounting.

I rode for 4 hours today, and I will wake up stiff tomorrow.

Unicycling too much can and does affect your sex life though.


Re: does unicycling cause impotence?

Yes it has been discussed before. I searched on ‘impotence’ (on Google
Groups in r.s.u., I like the options better than on the forum) and
found quite a lot of information (including one spam post!).

I am not going to reproduce any of that here :slight_smile:

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Frankly, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic :slight_smile:

And this is, what, proof?

(My apologies for the blatant crassness. I just couldn’t pass this up.)


If Unicycling does make you impotent, I’m screwed.

If being a “worry wart” makes you impotent, I’m screwed.

Howdeh everyone.

Well i practise for about 10 houres a week… Impotence… ??? No!! After a while, it doesn’t hurt anymore, i’m used to it… it’s handy to put more pressure on your pedals and less on your seat…
btw : My girlfriend’s still happy with it, so no problem at all !!!

thanks for the info

I’ll keep riding forever!

Might not be a bad idea for us older ones if it did. I might ride more just to find out…I don’t want anymore children anyway. :smiley: :smiley:

I was scuba diving with Chris Boardman a couple of weeks ago. For those who don’t know, Chris won an olympic cycling gold medal, raced in the Tour de France and has held a few cycling world records… anyway back to my (flimsy) point. Chris said “I have five kids, so much for cycling making you impotent”

does unicycling cause impotence?

It’s possible to be impotent, yet fertile, just as it is possible to be infertile, yet potent.
Many who are potent wish they weren’t so fertile, while many who are impotent long to trade their fecundity for a little (more) rigidity.

Whether unicycling has a negative effect on:

a) the number of one’s viable sperm


b) the ability to achieve sufficient blood-flow between one’s legs to get “pumped-up”…

it’s impotent to know the difference.

Unicycling causes impotence like guns cause crime.
Unicycling causes impotence like flies cause garbage.
Unicycling causes impotence like fishing causes drunkeness.
Unicycling causes impotence like stupidity causes laziness.

Any more additions?