Does the 08 Kris Holm Seatpost Work with a Thomson?

I know this has been discussed before, but I haven’t seen a definite answer.

Can I attach the top part of an adjustable KH seatpost and put it on a Thomson?


If you are super-good at welding and stuff then maybe…

Otherwise I doubt it.

I am curious as well.

no, the profile of the angle adjuster is different


it should work…try to find someone with a thompson post and a KH08 post and try… if it work it would be awsome. :roll_eyes:

Not without cutting and welding and such

Don’t know about the Thomson, but it is 95% interchangeable with the KH rail post. The clearance for the rear bolt is a little tight, but it works fine, nothing a little filing won’t fix :slight_smile:

I put up a review of the KH post, it rocks! Soooo easy to adjust and it is wayyyy lighter than the rail set up. Well worth the coin if you can afford one.

juste change the top. go in Bike shop with your KH08 Post and ask them if they have a Thompson and if you can see it, you’ll see if it work or no.

How much lighter is the new setup if you are using a brake and therefore have to add on that peice of cromoly for the brake lever to attach to?

KH rail seatpost = 278g
KH rail adapter = 292g
KH Adjustable post = 318g (27.2mm)
KH Brake mount = 42g

Weight savings = 210g

BTW the KH Brake mount is aluminium, not chromoly steel.