does KH 24 work for someone with a 29" inseam says that the KH 24 has a mininimum 30" inseam, I have a 29" inseam and I like my seat lower then most people. when looking at friends it looked like it would drop low enough, does anybody know is correct(I’m not a fan of the US UDC, so I really don’t trust them)
thanks for your help

Yes, you’ll have to cut the seat post, but you can definitely get it low enough for you.


I have 31", am 5’ 8", and I have a whole bunch of the seatpost above the frame on my 24 KH. You could ride a 36 !:smiley:

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If you want to buy a KH. :sunglasses: has the KH24 for $575.00 right now (same as has the KH24 for a little less than $490.00 US… if you’re looking for the best prices.

That is the lowest price they can advertise. E-mail them and see what they can offer you (it’s probably significantly lower).

Yeah, I think that is the lowest hieght w/o cutting the post.

It’s a long story

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Very interesting stuff in that thread, somehow I missed that.