Does anyone want to beta test my Unicycle Game?

Hey unicyclist,
I am working on a iPhone unicycling game. I am trying to make it as close to real unicycling as I can… well, as much as a game should be.

Does anyone want to test it out? you just need to have at least iOS 7 on your iPhone

I’d love some opinions and comments from real unicyclist.

Just send me your email, and I’ll invite you to beta test it.

PS. The game might be as hard at first as trying out unicycling for the first time. But it gets easier

PPS. the website is not done, so will just go to a twitter app I started)

unicycle shot.png

You might try raising your seat post. :slight_smile:
Good luck with the app.

Oh darn, I have an Android phone only. I would have liked to try that.

BTW, several years ago, my son started writing a unicycle game in Macromedia Flash. The problem is that it was too realistic, therefore impossible to balance by just using mouse controls. So, he scrapped that idea.

Good luck on your game !

Sorry, no android yet

Yea, it’s difficult at first until you get the balance going (2-10 minutes). This game is pretty much impossible on the computer with a mouse, but the touch screen makes it possible. I’ll post a video of it when I’m done.

I’d be willing to give it a go on my iPhone 5 or iPad mini 2. I’ll send you my e-Mail.

Add one to the list of people who cannot even consider your app because it is constrained to a phone brand which I do not posess. As I cannot experience it for myself, all I know of your app is what I have read in this thread.

It surprised me that the operator interface was touchscreen. Have you considered using the accelerometer? That would, of course, make it rather unweildy on the computer with a mouse.

I await the video.

Yes, I was originally considering adding accelerometer to lean him. But that made it extra hard because then you had to worry about leaning AND peddling. It was to much, I think it’s hard enough as it is. We’ll see what the feedback is like.

That’s to bad you don’t have the right brand of phone. All programs are constrained to a type of device one way or an other. The only solution is to make several versions of the app to cover the largest number of users.

What flavour of phone would you have me make a version for? If it gets extremely popular I’ll probably do an android or windows phone version.

Hey, I’d like to test it! I’ll send you an email. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I just learned that I can share the invite as a link. If you want to sign yourself up, just go here!

If it catches on, perhaps you could add the accelerometer as a user-selectable option or a different (user-selectable) operating mode altogether. For those who have managed to learn the current mode and want more of a challenge. All this is bearing in mind that I haven’t acttually seen how your current interface works.

I wasn’t even visualizing discretely pedaling, just walking around with the thing or tilting it, either of which would have the same effect on the accelerometer.

Yes. Right now, iOS and Android have similar market share. By writing for one, you give up half of the market. Windows and others are out there, but dwarfed by the two biggies. My devices just happen to run Android. I have my reasons for using Android. You surely have yours for using iOS. It is unfortunate that the native language in Android is Java, because that makes going cross-platform just that much more problematic. With a common language, you could just abstract the user-interface and other platform-unique parts and use the core logic as is.