Does anyone have experience with FLR Taipan?

After more than 3 intensive years of riding it’s time to replace my old FiveTen shoes with a new pair of MTB shoes.
However, the high price of FiveTen and lack of variety of competitors in this market I was able to find this candidate of ‘Funkier’.
The trouble is that I couldn’t find much reviews on it - certainly not from Muni Unicyclists :slight_smile:

If anyone knows this shoe please share your opinion on it- your feedback is most appreciated.


Pretty agressive thread. Will ride totally different than 5/10s.
When I do combined Muni hiking tours in the alps I wear alpine hiking boots. they have good grip on the pedal, but the connection to the pedal feels totally different.

I have a pair Lowe brand shoes w/vibranm soles that are very similar to the pictured shoes and they are honestly kinda hard to ride in. Because of the chunky, hiking style tread they rattle around around on the peddles and then there hard to reposition because the pedal pins get stuck between the big tread. If your trying not to spend $150 bucks on shoes I’d try to find a flat skate style shoes with a decently high ankle. I currently ride 5.10 impacts and would love to find a great shoe for cheaper so let us know what you end up with.

@Eric aus Chemnitz and @rockjunkie15, thanks a lot for your feedback.

I’ve decided to take the risk and purchase these shoes today; they are pretty cheap in comparison with FiveTen - cost only $60.

I went out for a short ride with them and they felt great.
Except for of course the different feeling of contact with the pedal, it still felt very comfortable and stable enough - even when I didn’t take off the cleat cover (so it had more “meat” - contact area with the pedal), but I think I’ll try taking it off just in case it would feel better.

What I liked mostly was that I was able to walk through the trails by foot feeling as if I was wearing regular hiking shoes - like mentioned by @Eric aus Chemnitz.

Anyway, here is a photo of the shoes on my PVC pedals riding the KH24 - perfect combination :D:D:D