does all these fit?

soz about this but im borrowing loads of mony off my parents so there making me to ask the forum wether this stuff will fit so here i go:
frame 20" WHITE RUSSIAN CrMo / white / without stickers / without shim
seat clamp 2 bolts alloy / d.31,8mm / blue
saddle Black Zebra zebra black
seat post alloy 250mm / d.27,2mm / black
kit 19" trial light
fluo pink

btw i just copied and pasted :stuck_out_tongue: and im getting them from K124 house so if anyones got anything from there tell me how good it was.

Why not write / call your vendor to see if the stuff will fit? After all, you’re giving them the money, they should give you a little help in return, no?

All you’re giving us is poor spelling, grammar and punctuation. Not a fair trade, I’d say.

sheesh i was only asking

For once Maestro8 is right. should ban people with bad typing because no one can read that garbage that is supposed to be a paragraph. I think that someone should hold a typing class via a thread. Please, for your own sake and for every body else, stop text typing. You will regret it latter when you don’t know how to type.


ok, ok im sorry but i ned to know if they fit because the website is french so i cant ring them up :stuck_out_tongue: i can speak french!!!

Mistakes in the preceding:
Incorrect capitalization of “maestro8”
Runon sentence: sentence 2
Misspelling of “later”
Misspelling of “annoyed”
Runon sentence: sentence 1 in signature
Misspelling of “Jonas”

Now, then, are you the pot or the kettle?

nice one haha:D

If they’re all Koxx parts they should all fit.

Also, you could go on, find the parts and see if they would all fit, because they have all the sizes on there.

yes you can: they will speak a little English.

I like pot! But seriously I hate people that hate people like me.


ok they are all koxx apart from the seatpost and the wheel but im sure the seatpost will fit(27.2mm)and im pretty sure the wheel will fit the frame.

The wheel will fit and so will the seatpost.

the seatpost will ONLY fit if you get the shim.
Jonny_H - did your 27.2 seatpost fit your White Russian frame without the shim when you got it?